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Your Rights As A Customer

SourceOne Capital proudly endorses the opinions of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concerning disreputable credit repair companies.

The FTC's concerns regarding credit repair companies address the unethical individuals who have taken advantage of the rising demand of credit restoration by posing as credit repair companies on the Internet or via telemarketing, making promises they either couldn't keep or never intended to keep, and/or charging fees up-front and then vanishing after providing minimal and inadequate services – if any services at all. Several of these companies encourage consumers to use unethical and even illegal tactics to clean their credit reports.

In an attempt to discourage unscrupulous credit repair opportunists, the government has imposed strict regulations on credit repair companies. Overall, these regulations are a positive step toward protecting consumers from disreputable credit repair companies. Unfortunately, disreputable credit repair companies continue to exist on the Internet awaiting to be discovered by regulatory companies and extinguished. To avoid their scams, you, as a potential consumer, should be wary of any credit repair company that won't provide their complete address (beyond a Post Office Box), fully identify who they are (including a verifiable identity) Avoid credit repair companies that give unethical and/or even illegal advice. They may subject you to personal liability.

At SourceOne Capital, we are very serious and strive to fully comply with the spirit of all applicable state and federal regulations at all times. No exceptions.

If you believe that you have been the victim of unethical, misleading and/or deceptive behavior by a credit repair company or law firm providing credit restoration services, you should report them to the FTC immediately by visiting their website at: notifying the State Bar Association in the law firm's respective state. Your cooperation in the regard will assist the FTC and respective State Bar Associations to find and eliminate the unscrupulous predators in an effort to provide a safer, fraud-free experience for everyone.

At SourceOne Capital, we believe timely information and knowledge breeds success and insures greater client satisfaction. If you have any questions about professional credit restoration, including if it is right for you, contact us via email, or simply call us at (912) 537-7440.